French tuitions with a native French Tutor

Giving you the keys to speak French with confidence when travelling to France or dealing with French market.

Speak French With Confidence

I work with people who struggle with their French conversation skills when travelling to France.

I work with businesses who have challenges dealing with French market. I provide French courses to their staff, so they can deal with French customers or suppliers with confidence.

Here are the different services I provide:

Tuitions via skype (£30/h)

Private lessons in conversational French (£30/h) + travel fee if applicable

5 weeks conversational French course  for beginners and intermediates – 1h/week for 5 weeks (£100) 4 people max

Intermediate group tuition- 1h30/week (£20) 3 Persons minimum to run the group

Advanced group tuition – 1h/week (£20) 4 people max

Business related French tuitions available upon request

Translation (quote on demand)

You can also join my Facebook Chatroom group (free) to interact with other members and learn about French Culture or idioms :