You wish you were speaking French with confidence? 

Make it possible by joining one of my French conversational courses 

Group courses running via ZOOM
A beginner/intermediate group every Tuesdays (between school terms) 9.30am to 11am via Zoom
I will use the method developed by the editions of Hachette called Cosmopolite. During the 1h30 session, you’ll also be split into smaller groups to facilitate the interaction and the learning.
An advanced conversational group every Thursdays (between school terms) – 9.30am to 10.30 am
I will send a link to a radio program or a documentary prior to the tuition, so you can listen at home and then tell the rest of the group, on the day, what you understood of it or share your ideas with the rest of the group on that topic.
The cost of these courses is £10 per week and the payment for the term is asked to be paid in full – 6 weeks for £60

Booking by email

Early Years of Learning French in Les Puces Class: for children up to 11 years old

Contact Mandie Davies for more information by phone: 07534 954807 or by email:

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